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The Official Catgirl Island Mews & Announcements for July 2018, nya! 

Aloha Y'all and welcome to Catgirl Island, nya! it is the purrpetually lushly sunny bikini weather in the mid 80's here at our cherished outer banks island and the surrounding Mid - Atlantic waters of Mew Hanover County NC, so we are happy to welcome the visitors who purrtake of the lovely ocean, beach, parks, shops, forest, gardens, dining, lodging, hot spurrings, grottos, sports, and the arts with the many friendly folks, nya!

The landscape is abloom with the anthuriums, appurricots, azaleas, bird of purradise, bromeliads, dogwood, gingers, foxgloves, heliconias, hibiscus, hydrangeas, irises, lotuses, magnolias, morning glories, pansies, snapdragons, yellow bells and wisteria, nya! The holidays and festivals include the Ocean Day, Canada Day, Independence Day, Tanabata Matsuri, O-Bon Dance, our local Iris, Lotus and Water Lily purrades, nya! 

The many other fun activities  for all ages, genders and species  include the theatre, concerts, workshops, belly dance, hula dance. hot salsa dance, yoga, martial arts, kyudo, golf, tennis, softball, field hockey, bicycling, purrkour, spurrlunking, swmming, diving, surfing, paddling, sailing, angling, ballooning, beach volleyball, yarn ball lacrosse, the massages, the spa treatments, and the catnaps. nya! Y'all might also wish to see

the latest additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!

For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike's collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!

Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi - nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle "thumbnail" sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added the 10 pics to Guest Gallery 5, and 3 pics to Gallery 8, nya!

we are are purroud to purrsent "Do You Mind?" by Rebecca Brogden, nya! This catgirl  illustration depicts our friend Mischa who is the Dean of Mew Hanover College's School of Emergency Services, nya! She has such beautiful Platinum Blonde hair, ears and tail, but we suspect that it is her bra, panty and fishnet house that are being oggled the most as she undresses, mew la la, nya! Rebecca used the pencils & pens upon the toned papurr for this alluring image, nya!

After that is Rebecca's pic of the winsome "Dryad", nya! Draceana (purrnounced DRAH SAY ah nah) is wearing just the strategically arranged vines and leaves as she emerges from the tree, nya! She is an intern landscapurr for the county whilst in Junior year at Mew Hanover College and aspires to become the master landscape architect, nya! Her favorite treats are water, tea, cocoa, honey, and juices, whilst  her hobbies include the bonsai, ikebana, topiary, weaving, and purruning, nya. Purrhaps y'all have seen the illustration of her older sister Mulch, nya?

Nextly is Rebecca's pic of  the voluptuous "Nymph" who is standing naked in the pond, nya! Angelina's 56 inch long lush Black hair in the pony tail whirls around as she glances over her shoulder at us, nya. She appurrs to be about 30 years old, but she is actually 150  years old, nya! Born on 8 May, 1868 in St. Thomas, US Virgin islands, she is an art purrofessor & water polo coach at Mew Hanover College, nya. She speaks fluently English, Spanish, Sylvan, Hawaiian, and Japanese, and her areas of expurrtise include art history, myth & folklore, nya!

Then we are delighted to display "Just Passing By" which Rebecca illustrated with the pencils, pens and markers, nya! Annallioppe (purrnounced ah na LEE oh pay), or just Anna for short,  is a North Carolina Outer banks faerie of the Purrerto Rican ancestry wearing the sexy Red camisole, thigh highs and gloves to match her Strawberry Blonde hair  and the sunset sky as she pawses in the mid flight to admire a purretty widdle butterfly, nya! Purresently in her first year of the college, she aspires to become a purrofessional graphic artist  / illustrator, nya! 

Then we have Rebecca's pencils, pens and markers pic of the "Gentle Mermaid" cutely curled up amongst the corals, nya! Aahlaadita (purrnounced Ah lah dee tah) is Anna's best friend, nya! She is an art student who aspires to become  the manga-ka / comics artist, nya! She is so peppy and purretty with the 12 foot long Marine Green & Gold tail with the translucent 7 foot tail fin, nya! She has the echolocation, electromagnetic sense, ultraviolet vision, retractable claws, and she can easily swim at the speed of 35 knots (about 40 miles purr hour), nya!

But wait- there's more mer in Rebecca's  "Mermaid Moon" pic, nya! Rebecca used Windsor Newton Cotman pan paints and the  Copic Markers for this illustration of Michigo the mermaid who is the licensed manganese nodule purrospector and purrrl diver with her purrents' business, nya! Posing against the image of The Moon, she is wearing sweetly the Light Blue bikini top and widdle shell pendant to match her shimmering eyes! She has quite the distinctive Pink and Purrple tail with the Black spines and iridescently ruffled fin, nya!

Nextly is the "Tamamo-no-Mae" fan art by Misty Hopkins, nya! Misty used the Crayola colored pencils for this fabulous illustration of The Fate anime series' version of Tamamo-no-Mae the fox woman of Japanese folklore, nya! Tama is quite the vivacious sight in the Orange, strapless layered short Blue, Gold, Black & White kimono with the detached sleeves and the Purple high - highs, ready for action as her fiery battle aura glows radiantly, nya!

Then we are pleased to present the "Beetlejuice X The Angry Beavers" fan art that Misty pencil sketched for the 2018 Heroes Convention’s daily Quick Draw Contest, in which the artists of all ages had the 20 minutes to draw something, nya! The titular beaver brothers Norbet (left) & Dagget (right) starred in the late 1990's Angry Beavers animated TV series upon the Nickelodeon network, nya! Here they are cosplaying as Lydia Deetz & Beetlejuice of the early 1990's Beetlejuice animated TV series, nya!

Misty used pens & Crayola colored pencils for her fan art of "Athena Glory" of Kozue Amano's magnificent Aria manga & anime, nya! The Aria series is set in the utopian city of Neo Venusia on the hydroformed planet Mars in the far future, where Athena is one of the top gondoliers of the canals, nya! She is especially known for her amazing singing voice, nya. In this pic she is wearing the summer seasonal uniform of the Himeya gondola company, at which she is the inspirational senpai who trains the younger undines, nya!

Misty used the felt & other materials to make this darling plushy doll of Athena's friend "Alicia Florence", nya! Alicia is the extremely cheerful & graceful senpai undine of the smaller Aria gondola company in Neo Venusia, nya! This beautiful doll is 9.75" tall with the 18" long oar, which attaches to her hand by the hidden widdle magnets, nya! Note the different colors of her uniform compared to Athena's, nya. Perhaps y'all have seen the photos of the doll that Misty purreviously made of Alicia's apprentice Akari, nya?

Meanwhile in Gallery 8 

we have added Mike's design for "Maddy's Purretty Dress", nya! This is Mike's third pic of Miss Madylyon Raion, or just Maddy for short, who is an NPC in Mike's monthly tabletop RPG, nya! She is the petite ailuranthropic Homo Panthera Leo / Nekomata catgirl who can transform into an Asiatic Lion, nya! She can be fiercely scrappy and playful, but here is the look for her more elegantly festive side in the bare midriffed, slit skirted, detached-sleeved, veiled Purple and Green orchid-like dress to wear to the cat-illions and other events, nya! 

Also purrmiering this month is Mike's fan art of "Sylvar" the Jedi Catgirl, nya! This is widdle illustration of Sylvar, who was one of the Jedi Knights in Dark Horse Comics's Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series, nya! Those tales occur thousands of years purrior to the events in the Star Wars movies and TV series, nya! She is the furry Jedi Knight of the felinoid Cathar species, wearing the cape, the loin cloth, the criss-cross halter top and the various armor pieces, and is about to use her claws and the light saber in the imminent fight, nya!

Mike also did this fan art of "Juhani". the Catharian Jedi Knight catgirl who wavered between the light & dark sides of The Force in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, in which she was voiced by actress Courtenay Taylor, nya! The game was published by Lucas Arts & Bioware in 2003, so to commemorate Juhani's 15th anniversary, Mike drew this with pencil & pens on papurr, then colored the scanned line art with Photoshop CS2 & the mouse, to depict her perched upon the statue to sun herself in the garden, nya!

the July 2018 edition of The Mew, nya!

The Mew is short for The Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings, our local monthly "show" in which The Ladies of the Mew and our 'Purrducer' Mike discuss & review fun stuff such as movies, TV, mewsic, toys, books, comics, conventions, etc, plus the monthly Lightning Round topic, the Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, and occasional intermews with special guests too, nya!

There are movie mewsings of Ocean's 8, Hereditary, Incredibles 2, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingson; the convention reports include Heroes Con 36 and G.I. Joe Con 25; the toy talk purrtains to the Star Wars Enfys Nest action figure & Swoop Bike; and the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Ahsoka Tano doll; whilst The Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines upon Jenny, Blake, Alex, Morgana, Tammi and an honorary catgirl, nya!

The comic book & manga mewsings include My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #1 & 2, Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Year 2 #8, The Hunters of Salamanstra #9 & 10, Ant-Man and The Wasp #1 & 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 12 #1, Today's Cerberus vol. 9, Flying Witch vol. 6, Mushroom Girls in Love; and the Lightning Round topic purrtains to favorite fun stuff of 1948, nya!

Arigato gozaimasu, nya!
We wish to thank our friend and web master Jamie Robertson who is also the creator of the web comic Clan of the Cats, and the web master of the FemShep fan site devoted to the female version of the Mass Effect video game's heroic Commander Shepard, nya! A while back Jamie also re-gained our older URL of catgirlisland dot com to serve as the identical mirror site to catgirlisland dot net, nya!

We also wish to expurress our gratitude to our friends and families for their purrticipations and support, and we appurreciate all of y'all for web surfing to our cordial coastal Carolina community which is full of southern hospurrtality and artistic aloha spirit nya! Arigato Gozaimasu, nya!

- your friendly neighborhood concierges at Catgirl Island Visitors Center, nya!

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