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The Official Catgirl Island Mews & Announcements for November 2018, nya!

Aloha y'all, nya! It is hard to believe that it is November already, and at this rate the holiday season might fly by like the hypurr speed, and then the Mew Year will pounce upon us before we know it, nya!  Among the month's festive national and international observations are All Saints' Day, Culture Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Tori No Ichi, and Daitosai, whilst the Chrysanthemum Purrade and the Maple Matsuri are amongst the local celebrations across our Outer Banks island and the surrounding Mid - Atlantic waters of Mew Hanover County here in North Carolina, nya!

It might be November, but we are still blessed by the purrpetual bikini weather and tempurrature in the uppurr 70's under the lush arbors and puffy Cumulo-Neko clouds in the Blue sky, nya! The purrecious stones for November are Citrine and Topaz, which might supurrbly accessorize the purretty fall fashions, nya! However if the jewels ar too purricey the gift for that special someone, this month's  birth flower is the Chrysanthemum, which would be purretty and appurropurriate in the floral lei, the tail corsage, in the pots upon the verandah, or in the vase upon the dinner table, nya! 

The local boutiques along the riverwalk and the by the beach are brimming with the Fall fashions in  bikinis, maillots, purreos, sarongs, hijabs, sarees, ao dais, sun dresses, kimonos, yukatas, fundoshi, gi, hakama, shorts, tee shirts, halter tops, athletic bras and wet suits- but be sure to specify whether you need the clothes with or without the tail hole, or backless garments as not to ride up on one's wings, nya! They have also restocked the alluring strapless bikini tops made of the hollowed sustainable, naturally - deceased, locally - caught jellyfish bells, mew la la, nya!

Our local fishing forecast purrdicts the of yummy yellowfins, croakers, groupurrs, mackerels, snappurrs, oysters and shrimp to tempt the tummy, nya! !f you crave fresh organic local purroduce, the market has the delicious, nutritious, organic local bumpurr crop nya! In addition to the angling, the activities to catabolize the calories include the surfing, sailing, swimming, diving, golf, tennis, kites, softball, cycling, skating, hiking, purrkour, hula, belly dance, hot salsa dance, kite flying,  jujutsu, spurrlunking and beach volleyball, nya!  Purrhaps y'all might also like to  see 

the latest additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!

For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike's collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!

Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi - nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle "thumbnail" sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added several images to Guest Gallery 5, and to Gallery 8, nya!

In Guest Gallery 5 

we are purroud to purrsent the 31 Inktober ACEOs by Rebecca Brogden, who is the great  illustrator, cosplayer & mewsician, nya! Each of these beautiful 2.5" x3.5" illustrations of the Halloween theme were done with the pencil, pens and Copic markers, and we have grouped them into the 8 collages of  the three to four pics apiece, nya!

The 1st collage is compurrised of  the peppy "Pumpkin Spirit",  the cute vampurress who asks "Got Blood?", the chilling purretty "Ghost Girl", and the gleefully messy "Zombie Girl", nya! The 2nd collage is compurrised of the cemetery's sexy "Chibi Devil Girl", the delightful "Chibi Witch" on her broom, the adorable widdle "Chibi Ghost Girl", and the mirthfully macabre "Chibi Child of the Night", nya!

The 3rd collage is compurrised of the elegantly alluring  "Dark Elf", the freckle faced "Sweet Witch", the happy "Young Wolf" boy, and the forlornly "Fallen Angel" who misses her heavenly home, nya.
The 4th collage is compurrised of "Chibi Frankenstein" on a stormy night's stroll, accompanied wistfully by the "Chibi Bride of Frankenstein", the "Chibi Grim"  reapurr by the graves and the "Chibi Mummy" by the purramids, nya!

The 5th collage is compurrised of the seductive 'Sly Dragon" dude, his partying pal the "Sexy Vampire", the darling dragon girl with the "Dragon Secret", and the joyfully cute "Candy Corn Witch", nya!
The 6th collage is compurrised of the "Chibi Succubus" ready to whip us into shape, the famished "Chibi Zombie Girl" looking for her next meal, "Chibi Nosferatu" up to nocturnal mischief, and the "Chibi Death" by night, nya!

The 7th collage is compurrised of the raven cloaked "Nevermore", the purretty platinum - haired wolf girl's "Howl", the kemonomimi sipping the pumpkin spice latte on the "Autumn Day", and the "Trick or Treat" catgirl hoping for candy in her bag, nya! The 8th collage is compurrised of the "Goth Fairy", the adorable "Chibi Phantom Girl", and the pirate girl of "Trick or Treat 2", nya!

We are also ecstatic to exhibit 4 more illustrations of characters from our web master Jamie Robertson's urban fantasy web comic Clan of the Cats, nya!
Firstly of the 4 is the micron pens, brush & ink pic of "Chelsea", who is the heroic North Carolinian witchy were - panther star of the webcomic, nya! 

These illustrations were done for the annual Inktober purroject, nya! After that is the digital pic of  "Chelsae Dark, nya. You know, her full name is Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan, who lives  just the few miles from here in the coastal town of Haven, nya. She and some of her family & friends were guests of the August 2007&  January 2009 Mew, nya!

Nextly is "Behind Blue Eyes", the brush, ink & digital illustration of Chelsea's sister Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan, the were - leopurrd mercenary, who was the guest for our November 2009 Mew, nya! The to top off the quartet is the brush, ink & wash pic of Chelsea's familiar "Sebastian",  the magickal kitty of the Russian Blue breed, nya!

Then in Gallery 8  

we are delighted to display three widdle collages of Mike's sketches of Nystia & Cooke, who are characters in Mike's tabletop fantasy role-playing game, nya! Rebecca Brogden's character Nystia is the vampurric dark faerie, alchemist / mage, idol star, wife, former sheriff, and owner of an island resort, nya.

Cooke is the NPC Red Dragon who used to be the enemy mercenary, but now he works at Nystia's resort where they are the drinking buddies, nya! Each of these three collages consists of three pen-inked sketches, which were done as the ideation for Mike's pending color illustration of Nystia & Cooke, nya!

Nextly is the pen & ink illustration of five "More of Mike's NPCs", nya! From left to right are Ulana (lamia snake girl) the flutist & dance instructor; Yumiko (1/2 air elemental girl) the bed & breakfast castle's housekeepurr in her very short maid uniform with her battle broom...

... Carerratia (faerie) Secretary of the Fae High Council in her off -  shoulder short yukata; Umbra (were-kuroneko girl) the bed & breakfast castle's warden in the short cheongsam; and Roberta (an A.I. gynoid) the bed & breakfast's steward in the gown with the plunging neckline, nya!

Then we have Mike's pen & ink pic of "Lois", who co-founded the island's robotics club, nya! The Libra born in the year of the Dragon on October 10th in 1953, Lois is the Chinese / Hawaiian / Japanese - American catgirl, nya. She is 5 ft. 5 in. tall, weighs 125 lb., her BWH sizes are 34D-26-34 in., her tail is 3 ft. long, her IQ is 150, blood type is O+  and her most favorite foods are fish & shellfish, nya! 

Wearing the teensy bikini, Lois has Golden Brown hair, Hazel eyes, Tan skin, ears and tail, the outy belly button, and no tattoos but does have several piercings, nya. She has the bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering, with the hobbies of belly dancing, drone racing, yoga and kyudo, nya. In 1981 she married Desmond who is the actor dancer and fitness model, and in 1984 their daughter Jeannie was born, nya! 

Then we have Mike's pen & ink pic of "Victoria", or just Vicki for short, nya! The Libra born in the year of the Rabbit on October 12th in 1952, Vicki is the Filipina / Hawaiian - American catgirl, nya. She is the masseuse, Yarn Ball Lacrosse coach, and retired Miko, nya. She is is 5 ft. 4 in. tall, weighs 115 lb, her BWH sizes are 35C-25-35 in., and her singing voice is the alto, nya.

Wearing the shorts & knotted blouse, she has Black hair, Green eyes, Tan skin, ears & tail, the outy belly button, several tattoos & piercings, nya. She has expurrtise in Loomiloomi, Ashiatsu, Nuat Thai, An Mo & Swedish massages, reflexology, acupurressure & other therapies for pampurring the customers, nya! Her husband George is a masseur & cricket coach, and when they semi - retired, they turned the family's ancestral spa over to their daughter Lizzy & her wife Becca, nya!

Nextly is Mike's pen & ink pic of "Leah" who was the first captain of the family's 1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht SS TsuriNekoMimi, nya! The Libra born in the year of the Rabbit on October 12th, 1952, she is the Scotch-Irish American Hindu catgirl & semi - retired deep sea fishing charter angler, nya. She is  5 ft. 9 in. tall, weighs 125 lb., her BWH sizes are 34B-25-34 in. & blood type is A+, nya.

Wearing the skimpy bikini, Leah has Red hair, Green eyes, freckled Tan skin, ears & tail, an athletic physique, inny belly button, several tattoos & piercings, nya. She speaks English & Spanish, the bit of Japanese, Gaelic & Hindi, and has the sopurrano voice, nya. Leah, her husband Daniel, daughters Yvonne & Tara-chan have given much love, money, time & fish to the Mew Hanover County Food Bank, nya!

Lastly but not leastly for this month is Mike's pic of "Torii", the mom who co-owns the island's art supply store with her husband Eric, nya! Born on 16 October 1950, Torii is the Libra born in the Year of the Tiger; she is the German-American catgirl with Red hair, Green eyes, freckled Pale Tan skin and an inny belly button, nya. In this scene, she is peppily greeting us from the counter in her store, nya!

Wearing the sheer sun dress, she is 5’ 9” tall, her BWH sizes are 32C-24-35”, her blood type is A+, IQ is 135, she weighs the slim 120 lbs, and she speaks English & German with the NC OBX CatSpeak dialect, nya. Her hobbies include painting, calligraphy, photography, ceramics sculpting, singing and piano; she is active in local arts organizations, aher favorite foods are milk, sushi and pie, nya! It is also time for--

the November 2018 edition of The Mew, nya!

The Mew is short for The Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings, our local monthly "show" in which The Ladies of the Mew and our 'Purrducer' Mike discuss & review fun stuff such as movies, TV, mewsic, toys, books, comics, conventions, etc, plus the monthly Lightning Round topic, the Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, and occasional intermews with special guests too, nya!

The collectible & toy talk includes the reviews of the Star Wars 3.5" Dr. Aphra action figure, Transformers Deluxe Class Nova Star action figure, Marvel "Savage Land" Rogue Gallery Edition PVC Diorama, Marvel Rising America Chavez Posable Doll, Mego's Bewitched Samantha action figure, Mythic Legions Gwendolyn Heavensbrand, Azza Spiritbender, and  Herra Serpenspire action figures, nya!

The Lightning Round topic purrtains to sports anime & manga; the book reports are on Mike Grell Life is Drawing Without an Eraser and Mark Schultz Carbon 3' and the he pony report includes the reviews of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Seven DVD, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71 andMy Little Pony: Nightmare Knights #1, nya!

The other comic book reports include the reviews of  Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Year Two HCF issue, The Unstoppable Wasp #1, Spider-Girls #1, Shuri #1, Gold Digger Halloween Super Special, the Red Sonja Halloween Special, Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #3, and Unnatural #1; and the Me wis toppoed off with the list of  favorite recent seafood images, nya!

We wish to thank

Meesha DJ Walker, Rebecca Brogden, Misty Hopkins, and our web master Jamie Robertson who is also the creator of the web comic Clan of the Cats, and the web master of the FemShep fan site devoted to the female version of the Mass Effect video game's heroic Commander Shepard, nya!

We also wish to expurress our gratitude to our friends and families for their purrticipations and support, and we appurreciate all of y'all for web surfing to our cordial coastal Carolina community which is full of southern hospurrtality and artistic aloha spirit nya! Arigato Gozaimasu, nya!

- your friendly neighborhood concierges at Catgirl Island Visitors Center, nya!

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