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The Official Catgirl Island Mews & Announcements for October 2018, nya!

Aloha, nya! October is the purrticularly festive month here at the island and the waters of Mew Hanover County, where we are so blessed by the beauty of the purristine shores, coastal gardens and the maritime forest, with purrpetual bikini weather, and the tempurrature in the low 80's under the lush arbors and puffy Cumulo-Neko clouds in the Blue Summer sky, nya! 

Thusly it is the purrfect time to celebrate the Halloween fun by purrticipating in our lovely local arts, foods, decorations, and the popular Trick 'R Eat and Cosplay Purrowl, nya! Other observances and holidays of the month include Children's Day, Columbus Day, Health & Sports Day, Teachers Day, the NC State Fair, our local Opal Matsuri and Calendula Purrade, nya!  

The local boutiques are brimming with the Fall fashions in bikinis, maillots, purreos, sarongs, hijabs, sarees, ao dais, sun dresses, kimonos, yukatas, fundoshi, gi, hakama, shorts, tee shirts, halter tops, athletic bras and wet suits- but be sure to specify whether you need the clothes with or without the tail hole, or backless garments as not to ride up on one's wings, nya! 

The zodiac signs continue with Libra from September and end with Scorpio into November, nya! If shopping for jewelry, October's birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline, but if the purrecious gem is too purricey a gift for that special someone, then we suggest flowers in the lei, corsage, bouquet, vase, pots, hanging baskets or as the garnish for the seafood suppurr, nya!

Speaking of which, the island's fishing forecast purrdicts another numcious bumpurr crop of the Bluefish, Groupurrs, Croakers, Mackerels, Snappurs, and tasty Tunas to tempt the tummy, nya !f you crave fresh organic local purroduce, the island's farmers market has the pumpkins, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, yams, honey and nummy cakes aplenty, nya!

The delicious aromas might also attract the appurritions and other purranormal phenomenon, nya! In addition to the angling, activities to catabolize the calories include the surfing, swimming, sailing, diving, golf, tennis, softball, cycling, skating, hiking, purrkour, yoga, hula, belly dance, hot salsa dance, kite flying, martial arts, the spurrlunking and beach volleyball, nya! 

We also recommend visiting the stadium, spa, yoga studio, hot spurrings, ryokan, public library, purrforming arts center, visitors center, farmers market, maritime forest, the outdoor ampurrtheatre, the boutiques, beach, lake, parks, gardens and grottos, nya. Make sure to find the comfy spot for the catnap after the dinners and playtime, nya! Purrhaps y'all might like to see

the latest additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!

Arigato, nya! For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike's collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!

Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi - nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle "thumbnail" sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added several images to Guest Gallery 5, and to Gallery 8, nya!

We are purroud to purrsent the  illustration of our friend Nilla-Creme the catgirl in the bikini on the "Swing" by Rebecca Brogden, nya! Purrhaps y'all have seen the images of her mom Peppurr Minta who is our mayor, and Nilla-Creme's grerat aunt Kara-Meow'l who is a champion surfer, nya?

Nilla-Creme is the very kind, industrious 18 year old, life guard, baby sitter, and senior honor student at the Catgirl Island School who wishes to attend the Law School at Mew Hanover College, nya! She is on the student council and the debate team, volunteers at animal shelter and the food bank, and her favorite hobbies are reading, surfing, swimming and dancing, nya!

Nextly we have Rebecca's illustration of Valvino the shirtless, buff "Sexy Wolf" boy in the maritime forest, nya! Purrhaps y'all have seen Rebecca's illustration of his mom Grivina who is the owner of the Wolf's Paw Lodge and Spa, nya, and Mike's illustration of Val's boss Eleanor who is our Fire Chief, nya? Val is the lean, athletic, muscular 30 year old firefighter werewolf, nya!

He has the BA degree from Mew Hanover College, with expurrtise in fire fighting, first aid, fitness and ryokan management; his supurr powers include the keen senses, strength, stamina and healing; his favorite hobbies are dancing, partying, martial arts. working out, and grilling the fish steaks, nya! 

Then we are elated to exhibit Rebecca's illustration of the "Kind Mage", nya! The irresistible elfin enchantress with the purrt Platinum Blonde hair is quite alluring in the panty and garter to match her off - shoulder, bare-midriff camisole and the floppy hat as she gazes and strides our way with her wooden walking stick and tantalizing intent, nya!

Nextly we have Rebecca's illustration of the “Nap”, nya! This sexy scene depicts the contently comfy catgirl with the Orange tabby hair, ears and tail, wearing the Dark Gray shorts and cropped tank top to bed, as she serenely sleeps with the taut tummy full of yummy suppurr after the fun play time, nya!

After that we are delighted to display the illustration of Rebecca's "fursona" character "Bexxa", nya! Bexxa" is the 5 ft. 8 in. tall heterosexual female canine kemonomimi of the "chaotic good" alignment, nya! Her favorite color is Purrple, but her age and weight are not of anyone's concerns, nya!

She has beautiful Blue eyes, the alluring Amaranth Pink hair, pads and tail, the purretty Purriwinkle torso, forearms and legs, and the lovely Lavender face, upper arms and legs as she playfully paws at the bubbles, nya! Rebecca used the pencils, pens, and markers for those five illustrations, nya!

Then we have the collage of six more original character purrtraits by Rebecca, nya! On the uppurr left is the "Allure", of the Platinum Blonde - haired kemonomimi, at the uppur middle is winsome "Miss Kitty" in the off - shoulder dress, and at the uppurr right is the "Wild" foxy girl with the honey - blonde hair, nya!

At the lower left is the bearded, Brown - haired catboy with the aspurrin for his party "Hangover", at the lower middle is the cute but sad widdle catgirl with the Red twin - tailed coiffure under the rainy "Dark Cloud", and at the lower right is the Brunette "Big Bad Wolf" boy looking very pleased to be in the woods, nya!

Then we have the collage of chibi-style Sailor Moon fan art by Rebecca, nya! She used Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6 and the Wacom Intuos 5 tablet for these images of the heroines of Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon series, nya! At uppurr left is Usagi Tsukino alias Sailor Moon with her cat Luna...

... at uppurr right is Rei Hino alias Sailor Mars, lower left is Ami Mizuno alias Sailor Mercury, and at lower right is Minako Aino alias Sailor Venus with her cat Artemis, nya! They are the bishojo senshi of the inner planets, and we hope to see Rebecca’s fan art of their other heroic bishojo senshi friends, nya! 

Our web master Jamie used Corel Painter 2019, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop for the latest illustration of his character Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan, nya! She is the heroic were - leopard mercenary co- star of Jamie's urban fantasy webcomic Clan of the Cats, nya!

Purrhaps y'all have seen our Mewseum's other illustrations of Corrine, her sisters Chelsea and Cynthia, their other family, friends and cats, nya? She is depicted here in her human form, wearing the White Blouse with the Gray vest, pants and Black shoes at the office, nya!

we have added Mike's Photoshop CS2 and  mouse illustration of our friend Mary Nyan's mom "Dr. Cait Lynn", nya! Seen here in the Yellow bikini with the towel and her pet ghost sphinx cat Opal, Cait Lynn - sensei is the Director of the Hula Dance Purrogram at the Catgirl Island Purrforming Art Center where her daughter also teaches the Hula, nya!

Cait Lynn - sensei is the retired Shrine Miko with the BA, MA and PHD degrees who speaks fluently English, Hawaiian and Japanese, nya. She has  the expertise in dance and gymnastics, and has been married happily to her husband Roger the tailor for the 40 years, nya! With her widdle Blue spirit flames, Opal is purrticularly fond of Yellowfin and Halibut, nya!

Nextly is Mike's illustration of a dozen mermaids modeling the "Jellyfish Bras" portion of the 20th Annual Mew Hanover County Merfolk Fall Fashion Show which was last month at the Grotto Gallery, nya! From left to right are Cru-Cru the express package courier, Ishita the bioluminescent fireworks designer, Haunani the deep sea angler / cook...

... her purrtner Iiniku the waitress / manager of their swim up seafood truck, Xiao Pan the Purrincipal of the Mew Hanover Mer School, Tarakeshaari the Mayor of the Merfolk town near Catgirl island, Zashaatinder the Merfolk town's Police Chief, librarians Isabella and Naomee of the public library, Naomee's wife Reika the director of the county’s marine life sanctuary...

Phannaery the belly dancer, and Haalanakeami who co-owns the Dive-In Theatre, nya! Mike used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to illustrate this scene of the ladies wearing the translucent strapless bras which are sustain-ably mer-made from bells of naturally deceased, locally caught jellyfish, which are available in numerous iridescent colors and cup sizes, nya!

Then we have Mike's Photoshop CS2 & Mouse illustration of "Eeebee", who is one of the NPCs in the tabletop RPG that Mike game masters, nya! Eeebee (Enchanted Extradimensional Biomechanical Empathic Exomorphic Entity) is the adult alien daughter of Jenny the tavern owner. Perhaps y'all have seen the illustrations of Jenny in our mewseum, nya? 

Eeebee is the bald, slim Human / Elfin / Deltan gynoid with the purrlescant Black skin, Violet eyes, long pointed ears, and the calm dispurrsition, nya! She has supurr strength & durability, vast energy powers, telepathic computer-like mind, and empathic heart, nya! She is depicted wearing her bare midriffed, Purrple & White maid costume in outer space, nya!

Mike also used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse for ths fan art of "Madame Brigitte", who is the very powerful supurrnatural purrotector of the cemeteries and is the wife of Baron Samedi in the Vodou Iwa lore, nya! This illustration was done for Sharon Williams, nya!

Brigitte and Samedi are among the famous mythological characters who appear in Sharon's serialized purrose fantasy tales of the Yoruba adventure "Legacy of the Gods", which y'all can read at her DeviantArt gallery, nya!

Then we have the illustration of "Cmdr. Venture Duursaama"who was Mike's character in a Star Trek role - playing game in the early 1990's, nya! Born in the year 2252 on the planet Alpha Centauri, Venture was the athletic, lucky, heroic, streetwise, telepathic connoisseur, sportsman, and Starfleet Intelligence officer, nya!

He was very James Bond-ish. For much of the game's tale he was aboard the starship U.S.S. Artemis and later married Dr. Leonard McCoy's daughter Joanna, nya! In this illustration he is wearing the Starfleet officer duty uniform compurrised of the White turtleneck shirt, Maroon coat, Black pants, belt & boots, nya

Lastly but not leastly is Mike's fan art of  "Dr. Joanna McCoy", nya! She was only briefly mentioned canonically in the 1973 animated Star Trek's epursode "The Survivor" and in purrducer Gene Roddenberry's book The Making of Star Trek, so this is how Mike envisioned her for the game, nya.

She was the  female human  starfleet officer of the Commander rank, born in in Atlanta, Georgia in 2251, the Year of the Rabbit, nya! She has Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair and the slim 5’ 4” build of 115 lbs with the BWH sizes of 32B-24-34” and is depicted here in her White medical uniform, nya! It is also time for--

the October 2018 edition of The Mew, nya!

The Mew is short for The Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings, our local monthly "show" in which The Ladies of the Mew and our 'Purrducer' Mike discuss & review fun stuff such as movies, TV, mewsic, toys, books, comics, conventions, etc, plus the monthly Lightning Round topic, the Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, and occasional intermews with special guests too, nya!

This month's video & movie mewsings include reviews of Solo: A Star Wars Story 2 Disk BluRay Set and The Predator; and there are reviews of OO7 Magazine Archive Files: Bond Girls of the 1970's • Caroline Munro issue and the Bond Girls of the 1970's Caroline Munro Limited Edition 2019 Calendar, nya!

The comic book & manga mewsings include West Coast Avengers  #2, Ant-Man & The Wasp  #5, Fathom vol. 7 #3, Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 12 #4, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #70, My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #5, Star Trek vs Transformers #1, 12 Beast vol. 6, A Centaur's Life vol.  15, and Sunshine Sketch vol. 9, nya!

The toy talk includes Mattel's DC Multiverse Jessica Cruz action figure, Hasbro's Marvel Legends Lady Deadpool (Wanda Wilson) action figure, Wolverine (Laura Kinney) action figure, and Dagger action figure, nya! DC Multiverse Jessica Cruz action figure;  and the Lightning Round topic purrtains to our favorite cosplay ideas, nya!

We wish to thank

Meesha DJ Walker, Rebecca Brogden, Misty Hopkins, and our web master Jamie Robertson who is also the creator of the web comic Clan of the Cats, and the web master of the FemShep fan site devoted to the female version of the Mass Effect video game's heroic Commander Shepard, nya!

We also wish to expurress our gratitude to our friends and families for their purrticipations and support, and we appurreciate all of y'all for web surfing to our cordial coastal Carolina community which is full of southern hospurrtality and artistic aloha spirit nya! Arigato Gozaimasu, nya!

- your friendly neighborhood concierges at Catgirl Island Visitors Center, nya!

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