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We are purroud to purrsent this short tale of the island romance that blooms like the Hibiscus, nya! It is love at first sight for A.J. the surfer catboy who meets lovely catgirl Eamane and asks her out for the date, but her purrky niece Hannah is suspicious & not amewsed by A.J.'s tact, nya! The characters Eamane, Hannah & A.J. were created by Rebecca Brogden who wrote this short tale of whimsical romance in January 2014, nya! It is rated PG due to the sensual smoochy scenes & the dash of mild violence, nya!

We also wish to mention that the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art is graced by several beautiful catgirl, mermaid & faerie illustrations by Rebecca, including a few collaborations with Mike, nya! We purrticularly wish to recommend the illustrations of this tale's characters, such as Rebecca's pics of Eamane dancing at the rave http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/102.html, catching the tasty fish http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/103.htmland relaxing at the spa http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/104.html, nya!

There are illustrations of the tale's characters by Mike too, such as the pic of Eamane with her morning beverage http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/13.html, her niece Hannah with the fishy snack http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/14.html, and the pic of A.J. with his surfboard http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/115.html which was drawn by Rebecca & colored by Mike, nya! To see more of Rebecca's beautiful fantasy and nature art, please visit her site Rebecca Brogden Art http://www.rbrogdenart.com, nya! And nyow,

"The Love of a Catgirl"

by Rebecca Brogden, nya!

The morning sun peaked over the horizon casting golden light onto the shore. AJ stood on the sandy dunes clutching his surfboard in hand as he eyed the mighty waves before him. He took in a deep breath and bolted towards the sea. The water splashed as he plopped his surfboard in the water. AJ quickly swam out to catch a monstrous wave forming near him. With one swift move, he was up riding the wave with ease and grace. However, something caught his eye from a nearby pier that made him look twice. The morning rays illuminated a figure casting a line out into the ocean. As he moved in closer, he could see catgirl with fair skin and rich brown hair. Her sapphire eyes intently gazed at her bait waiting to reel in at the slightest movement. 

“She’s an angel.” AJ muttered under his breath.

            Still distracted by her beauty, AJ didn’t notice a rock ahead of him and crashed right into it sending him flying into the air. He landed with a thud in knee deep water at the shore. The morning beach goers laughed as AJ struggled to stand to his feet. Embarrassed, AJ looked up to the catgirl on the pier expecting to see her laughing at him, but she was not. She had not seen him wipe out. Instead, she was reeling in a healthy big sea bass.

           “This is my chance.” AJ thought to himself.

            AJ picked up his board that had finally made its way to the shore and quickly headed up to the pier.  He approached her with caution as not wanting to alarm her.

            “Do you need a hand with that fish?” AJ asked the catgirl.

            “No, I got it.” She replied.

            “Umm, it’s a nice morning.” AJ smiled.

             “It is now. A very nice morning.” she replied as she held up her prize in the sunlight.

            “Umm, what is your name?” AJ asked as he started to blush.

            “Eamane.” she replied with a smile.

            “I’m AJ. Nice to meet you.” he winked at her.

Eamane packed up her fishing gear and began to walk down the pier.

“Wait!” AJ shouted to her, “Will I see you around?”

“If you can find me.” Eamane responded. 

“Wait—“ AJ began but tripped over a loose board and fell on his face. 

As he stood up, he noticed that she had already vanished. He ran up ahead inland to find Eamane. She was walking on the path inland to her cottage. AJ crept behind ferns and trees curious to see what she was up to. A very young catgirl with pink hair and pigtails raced up to Eamane. 

“You caught a big fish today, Auntie.” the little catgirl squealed. 

“You bet I did! I’ll put this in the fridge and we will have later, Hannah.” Eamane winked.

AJ began to brainstorm of how to approach Eamane again. He wandered back down the path thinking to himself. He headed over to the library to find books on romantic advice. There on the shelf was “Romance without using Nine Lives” staring at AJ. He quickly picked it up and headed out of the library. He walked along the trail reading as he traveled. Not wanting to be caught with the book, he climbed a nearby tree. AJ was high enough off the ground to hide from others traveling the trail. 

“Wow, these are great ideas.” AJ said to himself as he kept reading.

He suddenly heard laughing from across the way. The tree overlooked the local hot springs to where Eamane and Hannah were in towels enjoying the warm water. AJ couldn’t turn away from the view, but it did not last long as small cracking came from the limb beneath him.

“Oh crap…” AJ muttered softly.

With a sudden loud crack, the limb came crashing down.

Both Hannah and Eamane turned towards the tree to see a shady figure fall.

“It’s a pervert! It’s a pervert!” Hannah shouted.

AJ quickly left the scene afraid of getting caught. He made his way back down from the hot springs feeling defeated especially since he lost the book that could have helped him with more insight to attracting Eamane. AJ staggered back down to the beach and plopped onto this beach chair. Hours passed as AJ sipped on his lemonade staring at the sky. The sky glowed orange as the sun began to set. Just as AJ was about to rise from his chair, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He nearly fell out of his chair when he turned around to see Eamane standing there.

“Umm, it’s nice to see you.” AJ blushed.

“The night raves are a little dead as of late.” Eamane went on, “So I am recruiting people to come join them. Interested?”

“Yea—“ AJ coughed, “Yes!”

“Good! See you at midnight.” Eamane smiled.

The evening hours seem to pass slowly as AJ wondered why he said “Yes.” Dancing was not something he was good at practicing, but it seemed like his only chance to get to be with Eamane. The sun dipped below the horizon and the sound of crickets was carried by the wind. The full moon rose higher into the night sky.

AJ dressed himself into one of his many pairs of swim trunks and Hawaiian shirts. AJ dawdled to the rave. The techno music grew louder and louder as he got closer. He arrived to see a bunch of folks enjoying themselves. Eamane was already dancing to the beat. She was garbed in a beautiful pink hibiscus spaghetti strapped party dress. He moved closer to her nodding his head to the music to blend into the crowd of dancers. Eamane turned around to see AJ beside her. AJ moved along with the rhythm. AJ, not skilled at dancing, lost his balance and fell right over onto Eamane. 

“So sorry! I’m very sorry!” AJ apologized. 

Eamane giggled, “Don’t worry about it. There is a least one fall each week on the dance floor. We have a few clumsy dancers on the island.”

AJ quickly got up and helped Eamane get back on her feet. The tempo of the music changed to be a little slower. Couples started to pair up. Eamane wrapped her arms around him. AJ became still and unsure of what to do. 

“Move with me. I’ll teach you.” she commanded.

Eamane moved her body to the beat and AJ followed her lead. Their bodies pressed close as they danced in the light of the tiki torches. By the end of the rave, sweat dripped from AJ’s brow and sweat dripped down Eamane’s chest.

“Thanks for the dance.” Eamane nodded with a smile.

“No No. Thank you, Eamane.” AJ grabbed and kissed her hand, “Please allow me to walk you home.”

The night had grown still. The winds had subsided and a small tease of light could be seen over the distant horizon hinting that the sun would appear soon. They reached the door of Eamane’s cottage.

AJ turned around to face her. His hands pressed up against the door preventing any escape for Eamane. 

“I have thought about you a lot today.” AJ went on, “And I can’t stop thinking about you. You are so beautiful. I lose myself in your eyes. I now understand what love is for the first time in my life. Please don’t send me away so soon. I want to be with you.”

AJ trembled as Eamane drew nearer to him. In one swift embrace, Eamane pressed her lips against AJ. He wrapped his strong arms around her holding her tight as they continued their passionate first kiss. Eamane backed away and AJ caressed his hand over her cheek while holding her with his other arm. He moved his hand over her shoulder slipping off one of her dress straps and kissed her cheek. He moved his lips further down to nibble her neck. She giggled as he teased her. AJ placed his lips on her shoulder kissing her softly causing her to moan.

Suddenly, the door behind her opened with a loud creak. AJ abruptly paused as Eamane got an embarrassing look on her face.

“What took you so long?!” Hannah cried.

Hannah got a disgruntled look on her face as she saw the couple holding each other, “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! That’s disgusting!” 

Hannah slammed the door and more sounds of disgust could be heard from inside the house.

“I had better go and calm my niece. See you tomorrow, AJ.” Eamane chuckled as she broke embrace. She turned around to close the door behind her. AJ walked down to the bottom of the steps and headed back to his hut on the shore with a big grin.

The 2nd Date

Eamane rolled over onto her back gripping the pillow. Sunlight had pierced the window and glowed brightly on her face. She opened her eyes to see Hannah lurking over her.

“I’m starving!” Hannah whined.

“Oops!” Eamane jumped up as she noticed the time of 11:00 am, “Sorry, Hannah, I’ll fix that fish from yesterday. Just give me a few minutes.”

A knock at the door startled the catgirls.

Hannah opened it to see a bunch of red roses in front of her face.

“Oh great! It’s you.” Hannah said with sarcasm.

“Who is it?” Eamane yelled from the kitchen.

“It’s your boy toy.” Hannah said with disgust.

A pot being dropped could be heard from the kitchen.

Eamane peaked around from the kitchen, “AJ! What are you doing here? I mean—“

AJ interrupted, “These are for you. I hope you don’t mind that I stopped by.”

“Not at all. It is good to see you.” Eamane blushed as she placed the roses in a vase.

“Are you all in the middle of lunch?” AJ asked.

“Not quite, I haven’t cooked the fish.” Eamane replied.

“Please. Let me help.” He offered.

“Um, okay. Have at it.” Eamane accepted.

AJ took the fish and began to work his chef magic. He had total control of the fish and grill as if they were one. He reached for the cupboards to bring out the most savory of spices. Peanut oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, chopped green onions, brown sugar, red pepper flakes, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, salt and pepper were lined up on the counter to mix into a special fish dish. In a matter minutes, the fish was done and platted. AJ brought out the plates and placed them in front the catgirls. Hannah couldn’t wait and immediately dug into the meal with poor table manners. Eamane studied the meal and finally took a bite. Tears came to her eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is it too spicy?” AJ pondered.

“No, this is possibly the best grilled fish I have ever eaten.” Eamane cried, “You cook better than me.”

AJ smiled as Eamane continued to munch with joy on her lunch.

AJ couldn’t hold it back any longer, “Eamane, will you go on a date with me today?”

Hannah made a disgusted face at AJ. Irritated by Hannah, Eamane quickly nodded, “Sure! Where to?”

“That’s a surprise.” AJ giggled, “First, I have a treat for you today. I have arranged a massage at the spa for you. You are expected at 1:00 pm.”

“Really?! Thank you! That is so thoughtful.” Eamane hugged him, “I have been needing a massage.”

“You don’t want to be late. It will soon be time.” AJ motioned.

Hannah jumped up from the table, “I’m going to my friend’s house.  Bye.”

AJ turned to Eamane, “I’ll meet up with you later.”

“Sounds good. Thanks for the meal.” Eamane waved to AJ as they left the house.

Eamane headed up to the spa excited to finally get some relaxation.

She entered into the spa and was quickly escorted to the best room they had available. She entered it seeing beautiful candlelight. Jasmine and violet scents drifted on the warm air inside. Rose petals were decorated around the pool.  It wasn’t quite time for the massage so Eamane disrobed and entered the small warm pool. Eamane hummed as familiar piano music played softly over the speakers.  Steam filled the room causing the light to become dimmer.

“Well, I had better get into position.” Eamane sighed peacefully.

She placed her towel next to the pool and laid on her stomach waiting for the masseuse. She heard footsteps approach her room. As the door opened behind her, Eamane thought to herself what AJ had in mind for their date later. She sighed again as she could feel her massage begin still pondering what he was up to.

“Wow, you are good.” Eamane complimented.

                There was no response. But she relaxed even more almost fading into sleep state as the massage oils heated up her body. Eamane opened her eyes really wide as her masseuse grazed near her butt.

“Um, that area is fine. You don’t’ need to massage that.” Eamane commanded the masseuse. 

Still, the masseuse remained silent.  Once again, the masseuse grazed near her butt again. Eamane sat straight up and turned around, “Listen lady, I said–“

AJ blushed as Eamane turned around without her towel around her.

“Ahhh, AJ!?“ Eamane yelped as she fell back into the pool behind her.

Eamane’s head peaked out from just above the water while keeping the rest of her body hidden under the water in the dim candlelight. Her face completely red she questioned him, “What the heck?! You aren’t the masseuse. How, when?”

AJ laughed, “Surprise! This was the date. I wanted to give you a sensual massage. I’m actually at a loss for words right now seeing you without your robe. Your body was more beautiful than I imagined.”

Eamane growled at AJ as she began to get angrier each second.

“Perhaps, I went too far?” AJ began to back away from Eamane in the pool, “I’ll wait outside.”

A little while later, Eamane opened the door and came out fully clothed and dry.

“I’m sorry.” AJ apologized.

Eamane remained silent as she glared at him. 

“I’m really sorry.” AJ apologized again.

Eamane spoke quietly, “I’m not sure what to say to you.”

Eamane relaxed her face as AJ gulped. Before AJ could say anything else, she kissed his cheek, “I can’t stay mad at you. You were only trying to be thoughtful. Besides, you can massage very well and it made me feel so good. But the next time you see me without clothes, it will be my choice.”

AJ breathed a sigh of relief as Eamane grabbed his hand and held it as they walked out of the spa together.

 The 3rd date

AJ and Eamane both headed down from the spa. AJ paused and turned to Eamane.

“Eamane, I hope this isn’t too much to ask.” AJ went on, “I would like to give you a proper date; a date where there are no surprises. Just a normal date. Would you allow me that chance?”

Eamane questioned, “Before I say anything, just what do you have in mind?”

“How about a nice evening picnic on the beach? I’ll bring the food. You won’t have to cook anything.” AJ offered.

“In that case, count me in.” Eamane’s face lit up delighted to have another meal from AJ.

“Great! Let us meet near the pier at 6:00pm.” AJ waved as he headed to his hut.

Eamane headed back to her cottage to change her attire. Hannah was still at her friend’s house. Eamane quickly changed into a short purple skirt and red tank top. Before she could head out the door, Hannah had returned.

“Where are you off to?” Hannah questioned, “I’m starving.”

“I’m going out.” Eamane explained, “There are some leftovers in the fridge.”

“Geeez, you aren’t going to see that loser again are you?” Hannah grilled.

Eamane’s expression changed as she slapped Hannah, “Show some respect! AJ is a nice guy. He’s not perfect, but it makes me happy to be with him.”

Eamane turned and headed out the door as Hannah stood in shock. Eamane made it to the beach just in time. The sun had gotten lower in the sky creating an array of vibrant colors. AJ waved and motioned her to join him. He had laid out a nice blue towel which held delicious looking finger foods and more. Little sandwiches, biscuits, strawberries, grapes, fish sticks, seasoned chicken, fried brown rice, and pastries.

“Wow, you made all this food?!” Eamane examined with desire.

“I sure did. All for you.” AJ winked.

Eamane blushed as she sat beside him.

“Oh! I forgot drinks.” AJ bellowed.

“I’ll go get some from the beach bar over there.” Eamane offered, “What would you like to drink?”

AJ thought a moment, “I’ll take a sex on the beach.”

Eamane’s expression became very alarmed.

“It’s just a drink; a blend of vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice.” AJ explained.

Eamane relaxed and said under her breath, “They named a drink that?!”

Eamane returned with AJ’s drink and her strawberry daiquiri. Eamane smiled and began to help her plate. 

AJ looked intently over at Eamane, “Before I eat, I must know. I want to go steady with you. When we are apart, my heart aches. Will you be mine?”

Eamane put her plate down bent over to AJ and kissed his cheek, “As you wish.”

AJ smiled and hugged Eamane, the two fell over onto the blanket while rolling thunder was heard from the distance.

“I don’t deserve you, but you have allowed me to have you.” AJ confessed.

AJ bent down to kiss Eamane as rain started to pour from the sky. A loud crack of thunder echoed in the sky and a loud smack echoed from AJ’s head as Hannah swung her umbrella.

“You pervert!” Hannah shouted.

“Hannah! Unless you hear me screaming for my life, there is no reason to hit anyone I’m with.” Eamane yelled.

“Sorry.” Hannah lowered her head, “I got worried when you didn’t come home as the skies grew darker.”

“It’s ok, Hannah. Run along home quickly before it gets worse. I’ll be home later.” Eamane commanded.

Hannah took off back down the path.

AJ rubbed his head, “She really doesn’t like me.”

“Don’t let her get to you. She is cautious about any guy. She has even taken a few swings at Mike when he visits for D&D gaming.” Eamane concluded.

Eamane helped AJ get his blanket and food packed as the storm began to get worse. The wind howled as the waves pummeled the sand.

“My hut is just right over there.”AJ led Eamane to his hut.

The couple had just made it inside before the storm peaked. The skies became almost as dark as night from the sudden storm. AJ lit some candles to light his dark hut. His hut was small but very cozy. A few beach paintings decorated his walls. He only had one room to where his bed, couch, and kitchen all fit together. Eamane breathed in quickly and sneezed.

“Oh my! You are soaking wet. Please allow me to get you some of my clothes to change into.” AJ offered as he handed her one of his large Hawaiian shirts.

Eamane became worried, “Where should I change?” 

“I’ll turn around. Just let me know when you are done.” AJ acknowledged.

Eamane took off her wet clothes and put on AJ’s blue and green Hawaiian shirt. She buttoned the oversized shirt, “I’m done.”

The storm raged on outside and flashes of lightning entered in the window. Eamane jumped at the loud crashes of thunder. AJ sat down right beside her.

AJ put his arm around her, “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll protect you.”

“I know it seems childish, but thunder still bothers me.” Eamane admitted.

Eamane blushed as AJ bent down to kiss her. They fell back on the bed together as they embraced one another. AJ backed away to look into her eyes. 

“I love you.” AJ professed.

Eamane paused causing AJ to look a little panicked.

Eamane responded, “I love you as well.”

AJ exhaled and kissed her once again while placing his hand on Eamane’s outer thigh. Eamane caressed her hand through AJ’s hair. He began to tease her neck with his tongue as Eamane arched her back. He exposed her shoulders and began to continue moving his lips over her skin. More thunder could be heard from outside causing Eamane to draw even closer to him. With a quick motion, Eamane’s shirt buttons popped.

"AJ…” Eamane uttered as the wind seeped in from the windows and blew out the candles.


Paw Notes, Nya!

Character Purrofiles:

Free-spirited catgirl Eamane likes to hike through the maritime forest, fish from the pier, and visit the critters. and on days of uncoopurrative weather she purrfurs to watch anime upon the sofa or relax at the island's spa, nya. She is glad when friends visit her inland cottage & garden to chat & play games, and at night she likes to go dance late to the torch - lit techno mewsic, with the kona coffee to purrk her up the next late morning, nya.

Eamane's sister's daughter Hannah is the peppy, young teen niece who is skinnier and more athletic than her Aunt, nya. Hannah enjoys read fantasy / adventure books, and her purrfurred school subjects are art, phys ed & lunch, nya. She likes to spend time with her friends and her Aunt, and purrtakes of the online video games, volleyball, swimming, track & field, shopping, and sunbathing on the shore while sipping lemonade, nya.

A.J. is Arino Justin, an adventurous, athletic 5' 10", 165 lb.catboy with the Blonde hair, Green eyes & Tan skin with the darker ears & tail, nya. He is the southpaw with the "goofy - footed" stance on the short or long surf boards, who also likes to skydive, hang glide, purra - glide, grill the fish, and spend time with his girlfriend Eamane, nya. He is fond of lemonade, and will play indoor tabletop games, but purrfurs the outdoor fun, nya

Here is another cute pic of Eamane & A.J. by Rebecca http://catgirlisland.com/art/guest2/116.html, nya!

About The Author: 

Rebecca Brogden is a kind, sweet, spiritual artist who creates nature & fantasy illustrations for all ages, having transitioned from her purrior watercolors to the Photoshop CS6 & Wacom Intuos5 tablet, nya. She makes ceramics, bakes yummy treats, plays the piano, purrticipates in artistic groups, and cares for her garden, critters & faeries, nya. Her favorite mewsic ranges from celtic to industrial, and she enjoys coffee, working out, video games, anime & cosplay, such as the Jedi Purrincess http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/109.html, nya!





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