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1st cup The Amarylis Pawr 20 Artists & Designers A-K
2nd cup The Heliconia Pawr 25 Artists & Designers L-Z
3rd cup The Hibiscus Pawr 20 Fantasy Artists A-K
4th cup The Lotus Pawr 20 Fantasy Artists L-Z
5th cup Pawr 25 The Azalea: Comic Books, Strips & Manga A-L 
6th cup Pawr 20The Hydrangea: Comic Books, Strips & Manga M-Z
7th cup The Peony Pawr 25 Web Comics A-N
8th cup The Wisteria Pawr 25 Web Comics N-Z  
9th cup The Apurricot Pawr 20 Manga / Anime Style Artists A-E

The Plumeria Purrvillion: a refreshing paws before the Back Nine

10th cup The Magnolia Pawr 25 Manga / Anime Style Artists F-Z
11th cup The Anthurium Pawr 30 Catgirls, Kitsune & Kemonomimi A-F
12th cup The Ginger Pawr 30 Catgirls, Kitsune & Kemonomimi G-R
13th cup The Iris Pawr 25 Catgirls, Kitsune & Kemonomimi S-Z
14th cup The Orchid Pawr 15 Friends & Acquaintances A-K
15th cup The Snapdragon Pawr 15 Friends & Acquaintances L-Z
16th cup The Foxglove Pawr 20 Organizations & Resources A-O
17th cup The Cherry Pawr 20 Organizations & Resources P-Z
18th cup The Dogwood Pawr 15 Events

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1st cup: The Amarylis: Artists & Designers A-K
pawr: 20

Alolkoy Design
Artgerm's Gallery at Deviantart
Art-o-Mat by Clark Whittington

Alicia Austin  
Dru Blair

Elisa Chong 
Ken Christiansen, illustrator & concept artist
Sarah Clemens  
Roger Dean
Jacquelin De Leon
Disbound Leaves (original art & book conservation)
DXS Machina: Diana Sprinkle's art & comics
John Eaves
Tommy Lee Edwards
Lou Feck (entry at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database)
Hannah Hawkins
Lea Hernandez
Walter "Matt" Jeffries 
King-nothin243's gallery at DeviantArt
Elbonie Kirchoff's gallery at DeviantArt


2nd cup The Heliconia: Artists & Designers L-Z
Pawr 25

Constance Letterman's gallery at Deviantart (has mature content)
Marshall Lakes
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Loish (Lois van Baaari)
Natalia Lopes’s art & comics 
Thais Lopes’ Angelica Services (graphic design for pet businesses!)
Robert McCall
Ralph McQuarrie
Sean Martin design & illustration
Syd Mead
Shusei Nagaoka
Bob Peak
Andrew Probert
Ron Randall
Mirana Reveier
Chris Ryder
Samma-Loo's fantasy art gallery at DeviantArt
SenshiStock: Sarah ‘Sakky’ Forde's pose reference resource for artists
Shiba Shake (sexy female fantasy art)
Kaysha Siemens
Rick Sternbach
TonomuraBix (artist & cosplayer)
Bridget E. Wilde (headmistress of The Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls) 
Chuck Wojtkiewicz
Mario Wibisono's art gallery at DeviantArt

3rd cup The Hibiscus: Fantasy Artists A-K
Pawr 20

Jonathon Earl Bowser

RVKH Art (formally Rebecca Brogden N. Art)
Amy Brown
Margaret & Robert Carspecken's OzFoxes Foxweb
Janet Chui
Darkdugofdoom's gallery at Fur Affinity (has sexy furry art)
Melanie Delon
Meredith Dillman
Lela Dowling Fantasy Art by Faerydae
Enchanted Visions Project
Selina Fenech 
Thomas Fleming 
Alan Gutierrez
Michelle Hoefener
Heather Hitchman
Clint Hollingsworth
Kim Houtzager
Steve Hutton's Wildwood Witches Gallery
Klawzie (Chella Reaves) gallery at Deviantart 


4th cup The Lotus: Fantasy Artists L-Z
Pawr 20

Ladyclegane (Ami Jackson) gallery at Deviantart
Lumshock's gallery at DeviantArt
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Theresa Mather
Kacey & Noriko Miyagami
Rowena Morrill
Nibblekat gallery at Deviantart
Linda Ravenscroft
Rescue Sirens
Ainsley Seago gallery at the Yerf Historical Archive (furry & fantasy art)
Starry Eyed Artists Collectiive
Nene Thomas
Ruth Thompson
WhimzicalWhiskerz plushies & art by Holly Tillman  
Ursula Vernon
Charles Vess
Meesha DJ Walker
Terri Windling


5th cup The Azalea: Comic Books, Strips & Manga A-L
Pawr 25

AC Comics (the home of She-Cat & Femforce)
Arthur Adams

Neal Adams
Aria manga & anime (Wikipedia article)
Richard Case
Catseye Comics
Flying Witch wiki
Frank Cho
Dave Cockrum (Wikipedia article)
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Elaine Corvida's stories, art & comics 
Kosuke Fujishima (Anime News Network article)
Girls und Panzer wiki
Gold Digger by Fred Perry
Randy Green
Mike Grell
Hepzibah of the Starjammers (Wikipedia article) 
Hero Cats
The Hero Initiative, "Helping Comics Creators in Need"
Hogan's Alley
Adam Hughes
Sandy Jarrell
Mike Kaluta
Leave it to Chance (Wikipedia article)


6th cup The Hydrangea: Comic Books, Strips & Manga M-Z
Pawr 20

Mourning Daily Publishing
Mark Oakley
Andrew Pepoy
Wendy and Richard Pini / WaRP Graphics & Elfquest
Van Plexico's site & Avengers Assembled!
Jamie Robertson
Rumic World: a Rumiko Takahashi fan site!
Mark Schultz & Xenozoic Tales
Charles Shultz & Peanuts
Sea Princess Aziri & the art of Erica Leigh Currey
Silent Mobius manga & anime (Wikipedia article)
Dave Stevens  
TwoMorrows Publishing
Jen Van Meter
Loston Wallace
Shannon Weathers's comic art collection gallery at ComicArtFAns
Wham! Comic
Jermy Whitley  comic book author & creator of Princeless)
Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko (Wikipedia article)
Zos Kias comic by Sanzaki Kojika


7th cup The Peony: Web Comics A-M
Pawr 25

The Adventures of Simone & Ajax
Animal Town Confidential
Cat Nine
Catena Cafe (has catgirls!)
Chivalry and Knavery (has Kira the fox girl!)
Children Of The Tiger
Chirault (has Teeko the catgirl!)
Clan of the Cats

Dark Blue (Bethellium, Moonlace, and C-Chan's a Catgirl web comics by ADB)
The Devil's Panties
Doc and Raider
Jenn Dolari's Click-o-Rama
Earth Guardians
Empowered, a sexy (mostly) comedic supurr hero comic by Adam Warren
Fragile Gravity
Ginpu - anthropomorphic web comic
A Girl and Her Fed
Amber "Glych" Greenlee 
Kemono Cafe (web comics community)  
Gisele Legace
Niki Lemonade
Lowest Common Denominator
Melpomene (Clan of the Cats side story starring Corrine, has mature content)
Modern  MoGal , a monster girl web comic by Shepherd 0821


8th cup The Wisteria: Web Comics N-Z
Pawr 25

Nine Lives Minus One (has catgirls! yay!)
Not Quite Daily Comic (has mature content & catgirl Myshka)
Red String
Ronin Galaxy (has Ai the robot catgirl!)
School Bites (rated PG-13, has Fujiko the vampire catgirl)
Sequential Art (has Kathleen the catgirl!)
Shivae Studios: web comics by Tiffany Ross
Sinister Bedfellows
Sky Pirates of Valendor (has Shyni the catgirl!)
Sorcery 101 
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Subculture of One
This Is The Worst Idea You've Ever Had (has Cynthia the catgirl!)
Verboten (has catgirl Aryssa Katrina!) & other comics at ZiBaricon 
Wandering Ones
Winter Legend, Emerald Winter & Lavender Legend by Jamie Jennings
A World Like My Own
Woody After Hours
Christopher B. Wright's comics, fiction, articles & podcasts
Philip Wright's comics, art & design
Zebra Girl
Zombie Hunters  


9th cup The Apurricot: Manga / Anime Style Artists A-E
Pawr 20

8th Day Anime (some mature content)
Alfa874 at deviantart
Anime Fanartists Online 
Anime Flux (some mature content)
Antarctic Press
Aurore Black Cat
Aya Takeo web comic
Sara Baker- Glory Angel
Comiku Girls
Crimson Sky Creations: Crissy's art & cosplay
Kevin Peter Bautista Dangoy, creator of Cat Nine comic (has Myan the catgirl!)
Jamie Davenport
Distillium web comic by Sarah 'Pickles" Dill
Omar Dogan
Jess Door 
Dubious Company (web comic has Tiren the ninja catgirl!)
Ben Dunn (creator of Ninja High School) gallery DeviantArt


The Plumeria Purrvillion:
a refreshing paws before purroceeding to the Back Nine

10th cup The Magnolia: Manga / Anime Style Artists F-Z
Pawr 20

Flying Koi web comic
Fiyora Nya   
Hezachan's art & cosplay
Misty Hopkins (artist / cosplayer)
Sanzaki Kojika
Mako Fufu - the art of Gisela Alejandra Vergara
Molica Lynden
Rebecca Jean Miller's gallery at Elfwood
Misfile web comic
Ocean Tides web comic
Pink Fox Studios
The Realm of Sailor Energy - Jeffrey Anderson's art & comics 

Sasu-hime's Gallery at DeviantArt
Sydney Rhudy
Sailor Christmas and gateway to Alexcia Reynolds's other sites
Sakky's Plush 'n Stuff (2D & 3D creations & cosplay)
Yoli-chan (creator of Nyan-Neko Sugar Girls) gallery at DeviantArt
Yumble Collective
ZaidaCrescent's Gallery at DeviantArt

11th cup The Anthurium: Catgirls, Kitsune & Kemonomimi A-F
Pawr 30

All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku (Wikipedia article)
Akira M gallery at Deviantart (cute & sexy catgirls & kemonomimi, some images are NSFW)
Aqua Neko Club at Deviantart (catgirls' aquatic fun & adventure art by various artists!)
Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky (Wikipedia article)
Bagi (Wikipedia article)

Bittersweet Candy Bowl
Blade Kitten
Breath of Fire's Katt (purrofile at the Breath of Fire wiki)
Caramel-K's gallery at DeviantArt
Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings: The Mew! (Catgirl Island's monthly blog, reviews & occasional interviews)
Catgirls Wikipedia article
Catgirl-Zone, a catgirl art club at Deviantart
Catrina Fellina
Catspaw of the Legion of Supurr-Heroes
Cheetara (at the Thundercats Wiki)
Catwoman (wikipedia article)
Diana Cervantes gallery at Deviantart (wildlife, fantasy & furry art & comics, some images NSFW)
Daily Life With A Monster Girl Wiki (a Monster Musume manga wiki)
Chisuji web comic (has Naomi the Kitsune!) 
Cosmic Feline
Critter (costumed catgirl supurr heroine comic book!)
Cucumber Quest (has cute bunny girls!)
Cybernetic Showdown story & art by Alexcia
Darkstalkers' Felicia (Wikipedia article)
Feline High (has nudity & adult situations)
Fey Winds web comic (starring Kitt the fox girl!)
Foxtails web comic
Foxy Lady manga (Wikipedia article)
Freighter Tails: The Misadventures of Mzzki
Funky Alien, home of White Shadow

12th cup The Ginger Pawr 25 Catgirls, Kitsune & Kemonomimi G-R
Pawr 30

Steve Gallaci (creator of Albedo Anthropomorphics)
Geobreeders (Wikipedia article)

The Hunters of Salamanstra
Hyper Police (Wikipedia article)
Kanokon (wikipedia article)
Katbox: A collective of supurrb Catgirl, Kemonomimi & Anthropurrmorphic web comics!
Kemono Friends wiki site
Kitsune, Kumiho, Huli Jing, Fox: Fox Spirits in Asia and Fox Spirits in the West
The Kitsune Page, a site purrtaining to kitsune legends & lore
Kon Kon Kokon manga (Wikipedia article)
Konohana Kitan wiki site
Kyou No Hana- a Magical Meow Meow Taruto fan site
Lang Lang web comic
List of Catgirls (wikipedia article)
Meawsy gallery at Deviantart  (lots of beautiful. cute, sexy kemonomimi & other art)
Modem Problems comics & art by by Matt McAndrews 
Monster High Wiki (monster girls, including numerous kemonomimi!)
MSF High
Shizuka Nekonome purrofile at the Rosario + Vampire Wiki
Neko-Kitsune Group at deviantart
Nekopara wiki
Ney'tiri purrofile at the James Cameron's Avatar wiki
Omaha the Cat Dancer (contains some cartoon nudity)
Omamori Himari (Wikipedia article)
Our Home's Fox Deity (wikipedia article)
Power Rangers' Dr. Katherine Manx purrofile at RangerWiki
Renkin 3-Kyu Magical Pokan wikipedia article
Ronaldo Rodrigues's deviantart gallery  

RWBY's Blake Belladonna page at the RWBYwiki site
Sailor Tiger's Grotto


13th cup The Iris Pawr 25 Catgirls, Kitsune & Kemonomimi S-Z
Pawr 25

Sailor Tiger's Grotto
Samurai Shodown's Chamcham (purrofile at the SNK Wiki)
Shakira, from the Lost World of The Warlord (at Scott Dutton's Warlord fan site)
Shanda Fantasy Arts (includes some mature comics)
Shining Tears X Wind's Mao
Skeleton Key by Andy Watson (has Kitsune!)
SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls) card game
Spice and Wolf (Wikipedia article)  
Star Trek's Lt. M'Ress purrofile at the official Star Trek site
Star Trek Lower Decks’ T’ana page at Memory Alpha
Strike Witches Wiki
The Suburban Jungle starring Tiffany Tiger web comic
Tank Police (Wikipedia article)  
Tavicat Studios, creators of Reality Check!
Tigra (Wikipedia article)
The Tokyo Mew Mew Power Wiki
Treasure Planet's Captain Amelia (page at Disney Wiki)
Triquetra Cats (mature content)
TV Tropes entry on Catgirls
TwoKinds - anthropomorphic web comic
Utawarerumono (Wikipedia article)
White Tiger (Marvel Comics characters) Wikipedia article
World of Catgirls group at Deviantart
Yoruichi's page at the Bleach Wiki
Zap! (has catgirl Naveed Catlos!)

14th cup The Orchid: Friends & Acquaintances A-K
Pawr 15

An Angel's Prayer, Dark Fires, Osiris Rising, Okami no Hime, Legacy of the Gods and other tales by Sharon Williams 
Lady Violet Arcane's modeling portfolio at Model Mayhem
Billy Galaxy vintage toiys & collectibles
Blood, Sweat and Glitter: Crissy's Cosplay site
Jeff Branch's page at deviantart
Capital Comics (comics shop)
Chainmail Chick / Allegriana’s modeling portfolio at Model Mayhem 
Dancing Moon Books and Gifts
Lora Craig Davis's bewitching site The Pooka Pages
Faeries, Ink - purrfessional faerie storyteller & costumer
Fairwood Press
The Flehman Response blog
Foundation's Edge comics & game shop
Clay & Susan Griffith
Keith's CDs record shop


15th cup The Snapdragon: Friends & Acquaintances L-Z
Pawr 15

Cheralyn Lambeth
Phil Lee 
Josmar Lopes's Blog
Margaret S McGraw's Writers' Spark blog 
The New Gray Mare - artist and My Little Pony collector Mary Lwyd
James O'Briant, Action Figurologist
Poison Pen Press- Books on Medieval & Renaissance cookery, costuming, etc
Joei Reed's modeling portfolio at Model Mayhem
Randy A. Riddle
Sci Fi Genre (comics & games shop), renamed Atomic Empire
Scribe of the Moon: Jeff Branch's Sailor Vulcan fan-senshi stories
Sharon's site: Sailor Sirius, Dark Fires of Cyphyrus & Osiris Rising
Zack Smith, journalist
Trevnara2001's blog: Reflective Contemplations
Ultimate Comics (comics shop)

16th cup The Foxglove: Organizations & Resources A-O
Pawr 20

Alamance Community College

Anime News Network
Bug Guide to insects, arachnids & other creatures
Craft in America
Duke Gardens
Equestria Daily, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan site
Faeries And Enchantment (FAE) Magazine fan site devoted to Mass Effect's female Commander Shepard
Flying Witch Wiki 
Iriomote Cat, an endangered species (Wikipedia article)
Make it Go Away (Jim & Melody Rondeau’s site)
Mocha Memoirs Press
My Little Wiki- a My Little Pony wiki
Nekoneko's Movie Litterbox (has blog, recipes, movie reviews & other fun stuff)
Jenny Nicholson a.k.a. Millennial Falcon, a youtuber, writer & actress
North Carolina Botanical Gardens 

North Carolina Governor's School
North Carolina Japan Center
North Carolina Museum of Art
North Carolina State University College of Design
North Carolina State University's JC Raulston Arboretum


17th cup The Cherry: Organizations & Resources P-Z
Pawr 20

Pink Lady America, Jeff Branch's fan site purrtaining to Pink Lady
Rebecca Ferguson Nation 
Rebel Legion, a Star Wars cosplay organization
Red Sonja (Wikipedia article)
Rowrbrazzle, the APA zine of anthropomorphic & funny animal stuff
SAFE Haven for Cats, a no-kill cat adoption shelter

Second Chance Pet Adoptions
Starblazers / Space Battleship Yamato  Fandom Archive
Star Trek online encyclopedia, Memory Alpha
Star Wars's Ahsoka Tano page at official Star Wars site
Star Wars costuming organization The 501st Legion Carolina Garrison
Star Wars online encyclopedia Wookieepedia
Star Wars R2-KT droid dedicated to Katie Johnson
Studio Ghibli fan site, Ghibli Wiki by Team Ghiblink
TARDIS Index File, the Doctor Who online encyclopedia
The Tolkien Gateway
Transformers' Arcee (Wikipedia article on our favorite Autobot)
UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
USC School of Cinematic Arts
WikiFur the online encyclopedia for furry fandom


18th cup The Dogwood: Events
Pawr 15

Carolina Renaissance Festival
Carolina Theatre of Durham, NC
Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day
Carolina Roller Girls - flat track womens' roller derby!
Free Comic Book Day
Halloween Comics Fest
Heroes Con
Inside Pitch Toy Shows & Hobby Shows
MatsuriCon, an anime convention 
NC Comicon: Bull City Comicon
Power-Con, a toy convention
North Carolina State Fair
Oak City Comicon
What The Hell?! Con

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